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SALE- Family Morning Madness Pack [29 water-less washes with wipes & FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING]

$63.89 $55.00


SALE- Family Morning Madness Pack [29 water-less washes with wipes & FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING]

$63.89 $55.00

  • 250ml DryBath® Bottles (1 bottle for 15 bathes)  
  • 15ml DryBath® Sachets (2 packs of 7 sachets for 7 bathes)
  • Including 29 free biodegradeable pill wipes. Just soak, wipe, and dispose.
  • FREE Airmail Delivery from our Cape Town factory to your door [Worldwide]


Morning rush making you too late? Our waterless gel cleans & freshen’s you up when you have no time to shower. It feels great & moisturizes the skin.

BENEFITS of using DryBath®

-Safely cleans your skin without water
-Leaves you fresh by removing full-body odour
-One 15ml sachet is enough to clean 1 avg adult body (1 bathe/shower)
-Saves time & water 


Listed below, are some #DryBathMoments that DryBath® helps you handle with ease:

  • Outdoor Hygiene/Showers: Camping, Hikers, Music Festivals
  • DryBath@Home: Morning Madness/Rush for parents with kids, or running late (no time to shower or bathe) 
  • Public or Shared showers: Gym or Hotel/Motel showers, Airport showers 
  • Full-body odour removal: For use after “normal” showers/bathing (stay fresher for longer)
  • Water Shortage/Cut, Injured Shower, Droughts, etc: When bathing with water is simply difficult or awkward.


Get YourDryBath® Gel Today, and don’t forget to tweet your #DryBathMoments to get a discount coupon!


DryBath® is manufactured according to the highest ISO22716 cosmetic manufacturing standards in the world.

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Better Hygiene with Less Water

DryBath® is an innovative gel that cleans your body by using the skin-rubbing motion of your hands to gently remove dead skin cells & full-body odour, without damaging your skin’s natural protective barrier or the need for much water. This saves you time when in a rush, or when bathing with water is difficult or awkward.

15ml of the gel is enough to clean 1 full avg. adult body, and our active essential oils & Tawas odour-eliminator have a natural effect on the skin. Every DryBath®  product our customers buy allows us to provide the gel to those without water, cheaply & sometimes freely.

De-ionised Water, Glycerine, Potash Alum, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxymethyl cellulose, Glycolic acid, Acetic acid, Sodium Chloride (salt), tea-tree & mint essential oils, Trieathanolamine, Methylparaben & Propylparaben (preservatives)

DryBath is manufactured according to the highest ISO22716 cosmetic manufacturing standards in the world.

Directions for Use:

Shake gel to activate, then vigorously apply & rub the gel onto your skin. Use a damp cloth to wipe-off any visible dirt afterwards. Otherwise, leave gel on your skin to moisturize, without rinsing off. Full-body odour is cleared after gel absorption & drying.

  • DryBath® Gel cleans, moisturizes, and removes odour-causing germs on the skin. Our unique formula provides mild protection against transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and lessens the need for skin lotion after use.
  • Due to it’s easy-to-use gel consistency, DryBath® Gel spreads smoothly on the skin, without causing stickiness or greasy discomfort.
  • Harsh soaps and surfactants strip skin of moisture and contribute to TEWL.
  • It is a proprietary blend of naturally-antiseptic essential oils, bioflavonoids, and odour-eliminating Tawas (used as a natural deodorant powder/rock in Asia for centuries)

Even more benefits of using DryBath®…

-Allows you to clean yourself regardless of the situation!
-Aides in cleansing & moisturising the skin  
-Strong residual effect (long lasting) 
-Easy to use (due to innovative EasySnap sachets) 
-Can be used on hair shorter than 1cm in length (hair uses up a lot of gel)

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