DryBath® Gel

We created DryBath because we noticed that the world is filled with both the funniest and most painful #DryBathMoments.

Our job is to give the student who overslept a quick way to get clean, while also helping a person without water have dignity after they’ve had to skip a bath in order to have drinking water instead. Every DryBath®  product our customers buy allows us to provide the gel to those without water, cheaply & sometimes freely. 

Campers, Parents, and other members of society can all participate in the DryBath® revolution! See below to see what value DryBath® can add to your daily lifestyle…THINK & ACT DIFFERENTLY.

For the over hundreds of years since their beginnings, human beings had managed live in harmony with nature. The increasing pressures to survive & thrive have led to personal hygiene practices that have weakened & sensitized our skins in the pursuit of daily cleanliness. Our daily hygiene practices, along with the other ways we waste water, have made us an unbearable burden on the world’s potable water supply. Expectedly, this has led to our urban societies wasting about 80 litres every time people bathe, and 40 litres of water when they shower instead. The lack of non-water-dependent hygiene practices also causes rural societies to waste 10-15 litres of precious potable water by using it to bathe, water that could have been used for drinking or cooking  instead.

DryBath® is a Bath-Substituting® gel, designed to replace the need for soap, water and skin lotion. It is a proprietary blend of cleansers and moisturisers that make it a uniquely viscous blend of bioflavonoids, natural emollients, and fruit acids to cleanse the skin while preventing dryness and irritation. The gel consistency means the product is easy to use.

DryBath® provides its users with a fun & convenient alternative to traditional bathing/showering, a precious tool  for helping people to lower the excessive water-use that is leading to a looming global water crisis.

NOT JUST FOR THE POOR: Urban Users Find DryBath® Premium Very Useful Too

Click above to get the special Maxi-Pack (3-250ml Pump Bottles + 10 sachets) for US$150

The DryBath® value proposition is one of MORE HYGIENE for those stuck without bathing water or facilities, and LESS WATER consumption for those who need to clean themselves often.

  • CAMPERS OR HIKERS can buy DryBath® on our website for use during their trips. DryBath® provides them with a highly portable hygiene solution that allows for the most authentic outdoor experience. It also provides campers with the critical ability to travel lighter, by eliminating their need to carry cumbersome shower bags, soaps & skin lotions. Now campers have the ability to wander & explore the most exciting places without worrying about being near water for hygiene. Real camping is about leaving the luxuries at home, and being at one with the nature & the great outdoors.

  • PARENTS WITH KIDS can buy DryBath® on our website for use when their kids are having the bath-time blues. DryBath® is a useful tool at times (especially at night) when kids are giving their parents grief at bath-time (2 years & older). Using DryBath® will  bring substantial emotional relief to both parents & their kids  It allows the problem to be solved in an fun & convenient way, AND it makes the world a better place by saving water.



  • HEALTH-CONSCIOUS PUBLIC-FACILITY USERS who are worried about the hygiene of using public showering facilities (gym, airport, shared households, etc) can also use DryBath® to stay cleaner for longer by avoiding them. These public places are usually not kept thoroughly clean, and users are also concerned about the effect the shared soap will have on their skin. Besides using the DryBath® Premium Gel to substitute their shower; customers can now also use DryBath® Premium Gel like a skin lotion after taking a shower at home (staying cleaner & lessening whole-body odour for even longer). It is specially formulated to be applied on the whole body, not just the armpits (immediately after showering at home); and it is designed to help moisturise & keep the skin cleaner for even longer.

This special DryBath® gel provides extended skin odour-removal (without stopping perspiration or affecting the way the body sweats). 
For Example: Gym fanatics & people with strong body odour can use our DryBath® Premium Gel after their normal shower to prevent their sweat from making them dirty/smelly, thus being able to skip the shower at gym. Alternatively, they can use the DryBath® Premium gel after gym, as a substitute for the shower.

  • DryBath® is a convenient product for people from all walks of life.

WHY OUR SOLUTION ROCKS: DryBath® Bath-Substituting® Gel

The DryBath® sachet is a convenient pocket-sized package, and all you have to do is Bend, Snap, and Squeeze the contents gel out onto your hands.

For use as a Bath-Substituting® skin gel, to replace the need for soap, water & skin lotion: Vigorously apply & rub the gel onto your skin. Use a damp cloth to wipe-off any visible dirt afterwards; otherwise, leave gel on your skin to moisturize, without rinsing off. Body odour is cleared after skin absorption & drying.

  • You’ve applied too much if it feels greasy/ sticky after use. Use a spoonful on each body part for best results. Like when you first learned to bathe as a kid, have fun perfecting your DryBath® ritual!

 For those without water, DryBath® will save about 5-10 litres of water without jeopardizing their personal hygiene. This is valuable water they could use for drinking instead.

 A 15ml sachet is enough to cover the average human body, and 6ml sachet is perfect for travellers to use on their face, arms & hands during long-distance trips in the comfort of their travel seat.

 The rubbing action, as you apply the gel, is what removes the dirt on your skin without being unsightly.

The DryBath® Premium formula (sold through the website) starts at USD 3.9/sachet, including global shipping (minimum order of 10 sachets). The DryBath® Premium formula has twice the moisturising & cleansing effect of the Original formula; this allows it to meet the needs of even the most sensitive urban user.

Every DryBath® Premium product sold allows Headboy Industries to provide an equal or higher amount of DryBath® to international aid agencies that provide it as a life-saving personal hygiene tool for their beneficiaries.


 Infused with odour-eliminating Tawas
and natural essential oils
 Saves valuable time and water
Safe for the whole body (genitals included)
Easy to use
 Cleanses and helps to moisturize the skin
 Can be used on hair shorter than 1cm in length
 Non-toxic formula
 Strong residual effect (long lasting)
 Naturally mild germ-killing activity on the skin

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