Every DryBath® Premium product sold allows us to provide an equal or higher amount of DryBath® to international aid agencies that will provide it as a life-saving hygiene tool to their beneficiaries. (For free or less than US$2 per family)

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Blue Gold

DryBath® is a Bath-Substituting® gel, designed to replace the need for soap, water and skin lotion. DryBath® provides its users with a fun & convenient alternative to traditional bathing/showering, a precious tool for helping people to lower the excessive water-use that is leading to a looming global water crisis.

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Our Goal

To develop innovative products that solve the global consumer’s pressing needs, while contributing extensively to the development of Africa’s own world-leading innovation ecosystem.

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Our goal is to become the home of African innovation, providing sustainable global solutions to society's most pressing problems This vision is summed up in our motto: "Ahead of the Class”